Welcome to Nutsville Noise Lab

Hailing from The Hague, The Netherlands, near the NorthSea Beach. My name is Michiel Eilbracht and I’ve been around for some years now, engineering, mixing, mastering, editing, authoring, writing, performing, playing, producing. Started out as a free-lance engineer/musician and finally got my own studio for some fifteen years now.

What can I do for you?

From (live-)mixing in Stereo, Surround and/or Ambisonics, mastering to producing, location (multitrack-)recording and multimedia. Find out more about the disciplines and if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

Gear & Clients

Check out the gear- and clients to find out more about the stuff I work with and the people I work for.


Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, ZeroPositivo, Vertigo, Anouk, Ilanois, 01, PlackBand, Onno, Chef’Special, Gruppo Sportivo, Buckshot, La Mellow-D, G-Eva, Ruth Jacott, Tony Neef, Linda, Roos & Jessica, Niels Geusebroek, XMTS, David Bowie, Ronnie Flex, Dorian Gray (Berry Visser), Simone Pormes, John de Mol Produkties, TBM/Dino Music, EMI, Nasty, Fay Lovsky, Tyra, Double2 BV, PSFM, Pepsi Cola, KPN Telecom, Zep Barnasconi, “Nieuwe Buren”, “Medisch Centrum West”, “Den Haag 750”, Ruud van Steen/Vrije Akademie Delft, Gaia, Skinny & B, Lady Soul, Marmalade Music, Serving Mozart, Headlife, DearWorld, Terre d’Oru, Doc Shott, Suburbs, Bodhi & The Odds, Da Costa, Den Haag 2018, Kim, Naked, Bagga Bownz, Beg for Mercy, Nextrise, Veronica, RTL-4, Ruben Ordeman Videoprodukties, Blue Dolphin Productions, Leo Unger, Cloud Nine Music, Tino van Leeuwen, Consistent Records, Dierenpark, Richy Brown, Funky Organizers, Night Of Comedy, Def Leppard, Jordi Wijnalda, DJ-D, Entacy, Patricia Blanco, Sven Hammond Soul, Dew Scented, PennyLeen, Kaiser Records, Amsterdam Music Festival, US Productions, Bob Hoogendoorn, Agents After All, Postman, Bootsy Collins, House Of Media, Benno de Goeij, Offshore & Coen, Eye Supply, Kim Spierenburg, I Chaos, Alister, FreekFilms, Corrino Films B.V., Darjeeling, Universal Music, The Exitors, Azotti, Busted!, Beatrice van der Poel, Arisha, Dew Scented, Alda Events, Kraak & Smaak, PinGuinRadio, FunX, Prodent, Shary-An, Richard Valk, Esther Nijhove, Landelijke Stichting Tegen Zinloos Geweld, Marc Bierens, Armin van Buuren, Dureco, Fuzzy Teeth, Tales From Six Feet Under, Karsu, Pendejo, Remme, Kovacs, CNR, Sony Music, BeatBusters, Miss Montreal, Engage TV, The Entertainment Group, Pitar, Armada Music B.V., Media Landscape, R.G. Ruijs Stichting, Darker, BiteWork, Kern Koppen, AirBnB Ireland, Delain, Harrison Young, TwoFiftyK, EPC2023, AMF, ADE, Armada Music B.V., Sabaton, Son Mieux, Lenny Monsou, Douwe Bob, Amptec, Joost van den Broek


Mastering is basically preparing your mixes for the physical and/or digital replication of your cd/dvd and/or media presentation. Adjusting the final eq and compression.

I use both analog and digital equipment for this matter (Manley, Dangerous Music, Avalon, Waves, BrainWorx, etc.) and can provide you with both physical and digital replication masters.


You can upload your songs using e.g. WeTransfer.


Kraak & Smaak, Ilanois, Sven Hammond Soul, Shary An, Niels Geusebroek, Kern Koppen, DearWorld, Bazzookas, Esther Nijhove, Jan Wouter Oostenrijk, etc.


(as per 01.2024, excluding VAT/OB)

  • For every adjustment after the first mastering session, add € 27,50 per song.
  • DDP (Disc Description Protocol), add € 55,00
  • Attending mastering sessions (meaning you will be present during the mastering session) and more than 15 songs on request only.

The Loudness War...

The loudness war (or loudness race) refers to the trend of increasing audio levels in recorded music which many critics believe reduces sound quality and listener enjoyment. Increasing loudness was first reported as early as the 1940s, with respect to mastering practices for 7″ singles.

So you know…


  • Genelec 8030
  • Event Opal
  • Avantone
  • KRK V12S subwoofer
  • Dangerous Music MONITOR ST-SR – Stereo and Surround Monitor Control System.
  • TC-Electronic Clarity-M
  • LoopTrotter ‘Monster’
  • Manley Labs Variable-Mu compressor/limiter
  • Manley Labs Core
  • Avalon AD2055 Dual Mono, Pure Class A Parametric Music Equalizer
  • Avid ProTools HD Ultimate
  • Logic
  • Motu Digital Performer
  • Reaper
  • Ableton
  • Rob Papen series
  • Motu Symphonic Instrument
  • EastWest symphonic libraries
  • UA plugins (Lexicon 224, 1176, SSL, etc.)
  • Native Instruments Ultimate Komplete
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Trillian
  • Waves Soundgrid/MultiRack
  • Slate Digital Bundle
  • SoundToys UltraTools/UltraFx
  • Surcode DTS and Dolby Digital encoders
  • SPAT Revolution
  • Dolby renderer
  • Waves Platinum Bundle
  • Waves Masters bundle
  • Waves SSL bundle
  • Waves 360 surround tools bundle
  • Vienna Special Edition
  • Vienna Ensemble PRO
  • etc…
  • Apple MacStudio Ultra 64 Gb.
  • Apple Macmins M2 & Intel
  • OWC Thunderbolt ThunderBays Mini + Samsung PRO SSD drives
  • Digigrid MGBs, IOX, IOC, “D”, “Q”
  • Hear Technology Dante Bridge
  • Dangerous Music DAC
  • UAD-2 OCTO with Classic, 1176 & SSL bundle, etc.
  • Mutec MC-3 wordclock/video sync HD generator
  • Mutec MC-4 Format Convertor
  • Avid S1
  • Luminex GigaCore switches
  • Waves LV1 system
  • Manley Reference
  • AKG 414
  • Oktava Joly Mod
  • Neumann
  • Audio Technica
  • Shure
  • Sennheiser
  • Rode
  • Studio Projects
  • Sontronics Delta Ribbon
  • Sennheiser AMBEO VR 3D microphone
  • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrole S61
  • Korg KARMA workstation 2.0
  • Clavia Nordlead 2
  • Peer Dellen Custom basses/guitars
  • Guitar Chop Shop PJB
  • Ibanez GrooveLine 5-string basses
  • Guild Acoustic with Fishman transducer

Custom rack systems

For Playback, Timecode, Sequencing, etc…I can make your setup portable…well…or at least rackable 🙂

Here are a few examples


I started out as an assistant engineer and midi/sound-programmer for Peter Riebeek and John Tilly in Studio 150 in Amsterdam where I was fortunate to be working with the famous Atari ST1040 computer and Akai S-512 samplers, which caused me more headaches than joy 🙂 but it gave me the opportunity to learn the craft from these two amazing veterans.

Later on I was able to engineer projects on my own in Studio 150 and studios like Wisseloord, Bullet Sound, ICP, Hansa, etc. exploring SSL, Neve and Amek consoles (“You do know how this console works, right?”….“uhhhh….yes of course…uhhhh”), 24 track analog recorders, outboard gear, the first digital devices, etc., while spending four years at the Rotterdam Conservatory, studying both jazz and classical bass and touring the world with my band Bagga Bownz. Met some great musicians, artists, engineers & producers along the way!

I feel very fortunate to have met Mike McKnight, audio, midi & touring guru #1, who has given me insight in both the Professional Audio & Music Industry as well as the human aspect of it.

And I’m extremely thankful to Armin van Buuren for inviting me to join him on his über spectacular Armin Only Mirage 2010-2011, Armin Only Intense 2013-2014 & Armin Only Embrace 2016-2017 tours and trusting me with recording and mixing for him.

Still learning every day!


Nutsville Noise Lab

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